YouTube CEO receives Free Expression award, raises lots of mixed reactions

YouTube CEO receives Free Expression award,

YouTube CEO receives Free Expression award, raises lots of mixed reactions

YouTube Chief Executive Officer, Susan Wojcicki has received a “Free Expression” award from the Freedom Forum Institute(FFI) in a virtual occasion in the past week. Program which was sponsored by YouTube got observers ruthlessly mocked the gesture digging out YouTube’s shady track record of silencing free speech.

As part of the occasion which was posted to YouTube, Wojcicki accepted an interview where she lauded the free expression concept.

“I am just seeing the real merits that freedom of speech has, also having representing people of various backgrounds and all different views, and the freedoms that we have, we actually cannot take it with levity,” she said. ” There is really need to ensure the protection of this freedom  in all way possible.”

However, Wojcicki also stressed YouTube’s community guidelines saying there are “limits” and restrictions to what the platform grants.

Well, it’s rightly said, however:

In 2019, Wojcicki accepted that YouTube had taken down many ads, in hundreds, for the ex-President Trump yet, Youtube had claimed the purge was done with no political bias.

Last year, 2020, YouTube took out a viral video which featured doctors who front-lined and called for an end to the lockdown and comparing coronavirus to flu.

Early this month, YouTube had taken down a video of a public health roundtable which was hosted by Florida Governor, Ron DeSantis, a Republican, which featured a league of scientists and researchers who criticized the effectiveness the lockdowns and wearing of masks.

People’s reaction

Well, you might have thought right, YouTube and Wojcicki were equally blasted for their record of taking down content and for actually being the sponsor of the award ceremony itself.

The video alone got more than 21,000 down votes has being compared to only 88 up votes as at Wednesday afternoon:

“Free Expression Award?” a Twitter user responded. “Is this a joke or something[?] Did she not just censor the Florida governor who was speaking with medical professionals[?]”

“LOL, YouTube given an award for free expression/pro first amendment is Orwellian s**t,” another Twitter user tweeted. “What’s next[?] Facebook to get an award for respecting privacy?”

Well, to say the fact, YouTube hasn’t turned off comments at least, yet, below the video of the virtual award ceremony, where a bevy of gems can be found:

“The Ministry of Truth is awarding The Truth Ministry  an award for being the most truthful ministry,” one commenter quipped.

“Well, at least this is really a good example of free expression,” another user noted. “Just make up an award and give it to yourself.”

“Censor-Tube presenting itself a Free Expression Award,” another commenter said. “I think a new word need to be created a for the degree of irony this has gotten.”

Guys, what do you think? 😉


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