WhatsApp To Impose The New Policy On Users By May 15 Despite Backlash In January

WhatsApp To Impose The New Policy On Users By May 15

Facebook-owned giant Instant Messaging(IM) app, WhatsApp is planning to re-implement the updated privacy policy which gave rise to an adverse reaction against the messaging app in January.

WhatsApp stated in a blog post that in the few weeks to come, it will display a banner in WhatsApp giving more information in a way that people can read at their own pace.

Also it has also added more information in trying to address concerns it’s receiving from users and at the end it will start to remind people to review and accept the updates so as to to keep using the Instant Messaging app.

WhatsApp To Impose The New Policy On Users By May 15

This privacy policy is the same the company had introduced back in January, which had raised a lot of privacy concerns. This resulted to WhatsApp losing quite a large number of users to competitors, mainly Telegram and Signal.

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The deadline was initially put to February 8 to accept the new terms and conditions which meant that users either agree or are unable to use the app. This global rollout doesn’t apply in the EU, since it violates data protection laws.

Owing to various criticisms, WhatsApp delayed the new policy implementation by 3 months and has since then been explaining the terms to users through its blog posts, although, these explanations have failed to address what the massaging app plans to do about users who don’t accept the terms.

Now, WhatsApp is giving users till May 15 to agree to these new terms and conditions.

Since 2016, WhatsApp’s privacy policies have allowed for the application the permission to share metadata like user phone numbers, device information, location etc with Facebook, which has been in legal scuffle over privacy concerns.

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