Vice President Of United States Kamala Harris Makes History As She Steps in to Office

Vice President Of United States Kamala Harris Makes History

Kamala Harris , now US Vice President, has taken the oath office in a ground-breaking ceremony this Wednesday, making her the first woman, first Black American and first South Asian American to be in the office.

Harris, an Indian maternally and Jamaican paternally, was just sworn in by U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, who is also the first Latina justice on the high court.

Harris made use of two bibles, one belonging to the late civil rights icon and Supreme Court Judge, Thurgood Marshall, whom Harris had mentioned earlier inspired her career path, and the other owned by a family friend, Regina Shelton, who is like a 2nd mother to Harris and her sister. Harris used Shelton’s bible when taking the oath of office as Attorney General of California and later as a US senator.

Harris achievements so far

Harris is actually not new to setting pace. Before resigning from her seat in the Senate on Monday prior to the inauguration, Mrs Kamala was 1 out of the 10 Black lawmakers and the only second Black woman to have served in the upper chamber.

Her resignation connotes that no Black women are currently serving in the U.S. Senate.

Before her Senate office, Kamala Harris was the first woman and non-white to have served as the district attorney of San Francisco then later served as California’s attorney general.

Harris, a ex-prosecutor, made the headlines at the time of the Supreme Court Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s controversial Senate confirmation hearing, where she was opposed by some of her Republican co-house members for her pointed and directly inferred cross-examination of the now-justice.

She had also served on various Senate committees, which includes, but not limited to, Budget, Judiciary, Intelligence and Homeland Security.

Vice President Of United States Kamala Harris

Her period on Intelligence and Homeland Security committees will be of benefit to her in her current role, as she will probably have to deal with national security and foreign policy matters.

Joe Biden and Harris assumed office when the country is facing a lot pressing issues, nCov pandemic and its economic implications, a whole nation reckoning over racial justice and the climate change effect.

The duo inauguration is coming two weeks following a serious mob attack on the U.S. Capitol, five people recorded dead.

One of Biden transition aide who shared views on background discussing the Biden-Harris relationship said the administration intends to use a “cooperation” approach to address the crises.

Citing an example, the aide mentioned, while Biden took the lead on plans to the COVID-19 vaccine , Harris is likely to take the lead trying congressional approval for the funds needed to execute that plan.

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