UEFA Has NO Plans to Vaccinate Footballers

UEFA has NO plans to vaccinate footballers

UEFA has NO plans to vaccinate footballers, UEFA Has NO Plans to Vaccinate Footballers, Relay Vibes

UEFA has NO plans to vaccinate footballers. Despite England boss Gareth Southgate‘s assertion that players should be deemed a priority for a Covid jab ahead of Euro 2020, UEFA has no intentions to vaccinate footballers.

The Three Lions manager sparked speculation when he claimed that players might be at higher risk of contracting the virus during the tournament and that ‘we are getting to the point’ where they should be safe.

However, Sportsmail understands that UEFA would not need players to be vaccinated prior to the start of the tournament on Friday, June 11.

Individuals and teams, on the other hand, will be subjected to constant training and stringent procedures to ensure their safety, as they have been during the Premier League season, as well as the Champions League and Europa League.

‘We are getting to the point that we are challenging players to be placed in positions where they are more likely to contract the virus than anyone, and we have an obligation to them as well,’ Southgate said at a press conference on Thursday, unveiling the England squad for the upcoming World Cup qualifiers.UEFA has NO plans to vaccinate footballers, UEFA Has NO Plans to Vaccinate Footballers, Relay Vibes

According to the government, all adults will get their first injection of the vaccine by the end of July. However, with the Euros beginning in June, tournament staff will almost definitely need to skip the vaccine line in order to be inoculated on schedule.

The vaccination target list in the United Kingdom is focused on age, with people aged 18 to 29 years old being the last group to receive the vaccine. Frontline health and social care workers are the two professions that are excluded.

Southgate said, “We are telling the players to keep playing.” ‘When they return from those cases, they must be quarantined.’

‘They have to take a chance by returning to their homes, and many of them have contracted the virus as a result of their jobs.’

‘I was not saying they could have been ahead of key staff and students, who might have been ahead, but we’re coming back to a point where it would be acceptable, where football might potentially afford to save the NHS money by purchasing and prescribing vaccinations,’ Southgate said.

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