Tyson Fury threatens legal action against BBC

Tyson Fury threatens legal action against BBC

Tyson Fury threatens legal action against BBC, Tyson Fury threatens legal action against BBC, Relay VibesTyson Fury threatens legal action against BBC

Tyson Fury, the world heavyweight boxing champion, has told the BBC that he does not want to be nominated for the BBC Sports Personality Of The Year award in 2021.

The BBC and the Gypsy King have had a long-running feud over the award, for which he has been nominated several times because the boxer is one of Britain’s most popular sports figures.

But, since a petition was launched in 2015 to have him removed from the prize owing to homophobic and sexist comments, he has had a long-running dispute with the BBC over the honour.

He was enraged in 2018 when, after starting a tremendous comeback after three years away from the ring due to bad mental and physical health, he was not even nominated.

After being savagely knocked down in the 12th round, he valiantly rose from the canvas to earn a draw in the first of their three battles against Wilder that December.

Even after his epic championship defence against Deontay Wilder in October, Fury has stated that the BBC will hear from his attorneys if they try to nominate him again.

“It means nothing to me and I don’t need or want it,” Fury said in an interview with the Telegraph.

“In fact, if they do put me on the list, they will hear from my lawyers.” Give it to someone who is in desperate need of it. “I don’t think so.”

Fury reiterated that he does not require an award to prove that he is the best athlete in the world.

“We already know who the sports personality of the year is,” he concluded. “I am the sports commentator. Who does what I do in Las Vegas, goes through a war, entertains the crowd, and then sings to the crowd?”

“If I won 50 world title belts from the people who put it on, they wouldn’t give it to me and give me credit, and I don’t care,” Fury explained.

“I should’ve won three times by now. My family consists of my wife and children. That’s all the recognition I require. If they put me on, I’ll sue [the BBC].”

The shortlist for the renowned prize will be announced by the BBC next week, with tennis sensation Emma Raducanu as the favourite to win.

Fury is scheduled to defend his WBC belt for the second time in a homecoming fight against Dillian Whyte in a UK venue early next year.

He’s also in talks with Anthony Joshua about a step aside deal that would let him to fight Oleksandr Usyk for the undisputed belt.

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