Turkish Religious Cult Leader, Adnan Oktar, Jailed For 1,075 Years For Sex Crimes

Turkish religious cult leader, Adnan Oktar, 64, jailed for 1,075 years for sex crimes


Turkish religious cult leader, Adnan Oktar, 64, has been jailed for 1,075 years for sex-related crimes.

On Monday, January 11, a court in Istanbul handed over heavy jail sentences for 10 different offences to Adnan Oktar, the leader of a cult dubbed a terrorist enterprise by prosecutors.

During national raids in 2018, the 64-year-old Oktar and hundreds of his supporters were arrested simultaneously.

Oktar, whose online A9 television channel began broadcasting in 2011, preached conservative views while women he called his “kittens, “many of whom appeared to have had plastic surgery danced around him in the TV studio.

He was sentenced to 1,075 years, the private NTV broadcaster announced, for offences involving sexual harassment, sexual exploitation of children, theft, and alleged political and military espionage.

According to the official Anadolu news agency, some 236 defendants were on trial in that case, 78 of whom remain under investigation.

Back in December, Oktar told the presiding judge he had up to 1,000 girlfriends.

On another occasion, he added: ‘I am incredibly strong.’

In the 1990s, when he was the head of a sect that was swept up in several sex scandals, Oktar first came to media notice.

One of the victims at his trial, known only as CC, told the court that she and other women had repeatedly been sexually assaulted by Oktar.Turkish Religious Cult Leader

Any of the women he had raped, CC told the court, were forced to take contraceptive pills.

Oktar said they were used to treat skin conditions and menstrual problems when asked about 69,000 contraception pills found in his home by the police.

He also denied any link to a party headed by US-based Muslim preacher Fethullah Gulen, accused in 2016 by the Turkish authorities of orchestrating a coup attempt.

Oktar is a creationist who, under the pen name Harun Yahya, opposes the Darwinian theory of evolution and has written a 770-page book called “The Atlas of Creation.”

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