Sunday Igboho Warns Security Agencies Over Misinterpretation of Buhari’s Shoot at Sight Directive

Sunday Igboho Warns Security Agencies Over Misinterpretation of Buhari's Shoot at Sight Directive

Recall that due to the increased insecurity in the country as a result of multiple kidnap cases in the norther part of the country and the Fulani herdsmen killing, maiming, raping and kidnapping in the south, the Nigeran president, Muhammadu Buhari, has given a directive to the security agencies that, anybody caught with AK-47 should be shot at sight.

While Nigerians are okay with this new directive, the Miyetti Allah has, however, made it clear that it doesn’t apply to only the herdsmen but anyone, regardless of the tribe, with AK-47 is not left out.

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Now, that is where the problem lies. The question that people are now asking is: Who are the people President Buhari’s shoot at sight meant to curtail? Does this apply to other security outfits created by the states and prominent icons in each some regions like OPC, Amotekun, Easter Security Network (ESN) etc?

Shoot at Sight, Sunday Igboho Warns Security Agencies Over Misinterpretation of Buhari’s Shoot at Sight Directive, Relay Vibes

With all these mixed feeling, Sunday Adeyemo, popularly known as Sunday Igboho, has made a press release giving a warning to the security agencies- police, civil defense, army that they should strictly follow what President Buhari has instructed and not be biased. Sheikh Gumi, has already shown the security agencies where the bandits are situated and that, on no account should they harass or kill people in the south with the guise of seeing AK-47 with then as the people who go to the farm, the hunters, and other community security agencies use mainly single and double barrel which are meant strictly for protection.

He warned seriously that such will not be taken lightly if it happens.

Sunday Igboho’s press release (in audio form) was put live on air earlier on Monday by one of his allies in the struggle, Olayomi Koiki, the CEO of Koiki Media.

Find the press release is here

Sunday Igboho is a prominent Yoruba activist, largely supported by people from south west, both home and abroad for his effort to protect lives and properties in the region.

What is your take on this?

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