Aftermath of Force Majeur on Oduduwa Self-Government, Sunday Igboho Made a Declaration

House of Sunday Igboho's Mother Was Attacked by Fulani Men Today

There was a joint proclamation of sovereignty dispute by the Nigerian Indigenous Nationalities of the Southern and Middle Belt Territories of Nigeria, a group formed by the South West, South East, South South and Middle Belt regions of Nigeria.

This was to show formal rejection and call for a dissolution of the current Nigerian constitution which is said not to involve the people of the country at the point it was drafted and also faulting the amalgamation procedures followed in 1914 when the Northern and Southern protectorates were “married” by the then British Governor General Lord Lugard and many order internal crises in the country.

This was brought forward by accredited delegates of each zone/region and issued to the Nigerian government on 16th December 2020 giving the government and ultimatum of three months to address the issue.

Yesterday, 16th March, 2021 was that last day given to Nigerian government to address the issue and today, a conference (World Press Conference) was held declaring that the current government is a fraud and the each regions are now free to stand alone and self-determine their faiths going forward. The conference was chaired by the delegates, Prof. Banji Akintoye, Commodore Ebitu Ukiwe (Rtd.), Air Commodore Jonah Jang, Rear Admiral W. G. Yanga (Rtd.) and more than 126 other signatories. you can watch the video here

Present in the conference also was the Yoruba prominent activist, Chief Sunday Adeyemo aka Sunday Igboho who also made his speech on the current situation of the country and what happens going forward. He made mention of the supposed nepotism by the current government where only an ethnic group is considered in all sensitive governmental positions and overlooking the excesses of those ethnic people. Chief Sunday Igboho declared that from today he will start to protect and encourage farmers in the south west to resume their farming without fear and ensure the country border s free for importation of food.

Recall that, mainly, the southern region has been pushing for self-government, a movement that started with south eastern people which led to formation of IPOB, and now people of south west have formed various groups to also support their movement..

Watch the video of the conference here

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