Yoruba Islamic Cleric Sheikh Muyideen Blasts South West Governors and Obas Over Sunday Igboho Attempted Arrest

Sheikh Muyideen Blasts South West Governors and Obas

An Islamic cleric, Sheikh Muyideen Bello, has come in defense of the prominent Yoruba activist, Chief Sunday Adeyemo, popularly known as “Sunday Igboho”.

This came after he was allegedly attacked on his way to Lagos from Ibadan at Sat Guru Marahji village around 2pm. He honoured the call of a Yoruba elder and also to see the Yoruba Generalissimo, Iba Gani Adam, when the incident happened.

A group of Department of State Security Service (DSS), Soldiers, members of Civil Defense Corp and State-owned vigilante service, Operation Burst ambushed him at that location and suddenly jumped out to him for his arrest but unfortunately fir them, their effort prove abortive with the help of Sunday Igboho entourage who had resisted his arrest and guarded him out of the security agents’ gathering.

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On Saturday, the Islamic cleric, rolled out a 9-minute sermon, in Yoruba language, quoting verses in the Quran, which went viral over the internet, calling the South West governors and the Obas cowards and traitors.

Recall, that before Sunday Igboho’s attempted arrest, a meeting took place in Oyo state which featured all South Western governors and Obas upon the way forward on securing lands in South West as the meeting was supposedly tagged.

Sheikh Muyideen accused these Yoruba leaders of being aware and also mastermind of Sunday Igboho’s arrest. He called the Yoruba leaders traitors and flashed them back to history how notable Yorubas like Chief MKO Abiola, General Tunde Idiagbon were arrested and eventually killed.

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Picture of when Sunday Igboho was attacked and was rescued by his entourage

Sheikh Muyideen called on all Yorubas, both the youth and the elderly to hold the Yoruba governors and the Obas responsible should anything happen to Sunday Igboho who has not committed any atrocity but defending his people and land from the killer herdsmen.

Sunday Adeyemo, also known as Sunday Igboho, is a Yoruba businessman who was in politics in the time past. Sunday noted the mayhem caused by herdsmen in the land which ranged from destroying farmlands, kidnapping, raping, maiming and killing of people of his ethnic group. A notable one which led Sunday Igboho to stand talk against all these atrocities was the incident that happened when a doctor of philosophy came back from United States to invest in his home country but was macheted to death because he complained to the Fulani head in the locale upon the Fulani destroying his farmland.

But truly, are Yorubas really traitor? What is your take on this

You can watch Sheikh Muyideen Bello’s sermon on the incident here:

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