Selena Gomez parts ways with Hillsong Church amid pastor Carl Lentz’s

Selena Gomez parts ways with Hillsong Church amid pastor Carl Lentz's

, Selena Gomez parts ways with Hillsong Church amid pastor Carl Lentz’s, Relay Vibes

Selena Gomez has parted ways with Pastor Carl Lentz of Hillsong Church

Amid the adultery rumour of Pastor Carl Lentz, Selena Gomez has broken ways with the Hillsong Congregation, as ‘she no longer wants anything to do with Hillsong.’

Since Lentz’s friendship with designer Ranin Karim came to light, the 28-year-old artist, The Daily Telegraph, had been ‘bitterly disillusioned’ with the Pentecostal organisation.

Her 2018 breakup with member Justin Bieber and a wilted friendship with church founder Brian Houston, who let go of Lentzz, both contributed to her severance with the megachurch. with his wife, Laura, in the wake of a controversy in November.

At one time she adored Carl… she was a team, Brian, his daughter Laura and Justin, very close to each other, she used to hang out with Brian’s daughter-in-law, Esther, and now she’s daughter-in-law Esther. doesn’t want anything else to do with Hillsong,’ the source told the publication.

The source told the article that ‘Selena sees herself as a Christian’ and ‘she claims she has a close relationship with God, and she knows that this is not how God wishes us to act, she is disillusioned.’

“The source told the outlet, “He wants to be better for his family and is committed to doing the job.

His family loves him and needs it to be possible to maintain their privacy on this tour.’

The source noted that Lentz harbors ‘has little ill will for the church and understands that a form of action has to be taken to correct his errors.’

In a letter, Houston said that Lentz severed ties with the church in the middle of “ongoing discussions on leadership issues and breaches of trust, plus a recent revelation of moral failures.”

‘They have a passion for people and we are sure that God will use Carl in another way outside of Hillsong church after a period of rest and regeneration,’ he said in the letter. ‘In ending his tenure, we do not wish to minimize the positive work he has done here in any way.’

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