See British Airways Stance On Travelers Who Have Been Vaccinated

See British Airways Stance On Travelers Who Have Been Vaccinated

British airways had declared its stance on travelers who have been vaccinated to be allowed to travel

British Airways urges the government to allow vaccinated people to travel freely and without any restriction and also non-vaccinated people who test negative for COVID-19, the British Airways boss says

Passengers are checked in for their flights to London at the Benito Juarez International Airport at the British Airways counter, in Mexico City, Mexico 21 Dec, 2020.

While holidays won’t be allowed till, at least, May 17, by April 12, Britain will disclose how and when non-essential travel in and out of the country will resume.

It is also noted that British Airways Chief Executive appoint, Sean Doyle, in October 2020, hd called on Britain to collaborate with other governments and grant vaccines and health apps to be available to travelers.

“I feel people who have got the vaccine should be allowed to travel with no restrictions and those with negative test result but have not been vaccinated should also be allowed,” he said.

Doyle believed that with the current distribution of vaccines British Airways is positive to be back flying this summer, but further explained that the recovery will depend on on April 12 decision.

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Doyle expect the government to give its support to health apps which could be used to confirm a someone’s negative COVID-19 and vaccination status.

Apps will serve as major way to facilitate traveling at scale, Airline staff who check paperwork spend and average of 20 minutes per passenger which is not practicable if huge numbers of passengers are returning, the industry argued.

Britain has swiftly commenced vaccinations and, so far, about 44% of the adult population, mostly 60 and above, have taken their first dose, according to ABC News Australia

The British government has announced that any return to travel must be in fairness and should not unduly serve as a disadvantage to those who are yet to be vaccinated.

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Europe’s biggest airline, Budget rival Ryanair, has also announced it’s expecting to fly up to 70percent of its 2019 passenger numbers this summer.

British Airways has already concluded an agreement with a testing kit provider giving its passengers £33(about $46) tests to take abroad.

Travel commentators are expecting most European airlines should channel their focus on short-haul leisure routes this summer, and Doyle noted countries like Spain, Portugal, Cyprus, Greece, and France are all ready to welcoming British holidaymakers.


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