SAGE: Covid May Cause ‘ Thousands of Deaths ‘ Each Year

Virus Will Cause ' Thousands of Deaths ' Each Year

Thousands of Deaths, SAGE: Covid May Cause ‘ Thousands of Deaths ‘ Each Year, Relay Vibes

SAGE: Covid will cause ‘tens of thousands of deaths’ each year.

Coronavirus, like flu, will cause tens of thousands deaths of Britons per year, according to one of the Government’s highest science advisors.

Professor Andrew Hayward, an epidemiologist at University College London and a SAGE member,  believes that vaccination is capable of preventing another 100 thousand deaths in the United Kingdom if the virus re-emerges.

However, he said Covid, which scientists have predicted to hit next winter, will keep on causing thousands of deaths  every year.

Since the beginning of 2021, daily Covid deaths have decreased, with less than 200 new casualties being recorded on average daily.Thousands of Deaths, SAGE: Covid May Cause ‘ Thousands of Deaths ‘ Each Year, Relay Vibes

It hasn’t been that low since late October, just before the second wave erupted.

Tough lockdowns also has partaken in slowing down the widespread of the disease and reduced the number of deaths. And the vaccines are starting to work, saving thousands of lives.

Thousands of Deaths, SAGE: Covid May Cause ‘ Thousands of Deaths ‘ Each Year, Relay Vibes

Professor Hayward told Times Radio that gradual easing of lockdown like re-opening of stores, later schools, and other establish with large social gathering are “really significant moves” that “we don’t really understand what effect they would have on transmission.”

In a personal capacity, he said that a “significant number of people” are “vulnerable to winding up in hospital and dying.”

‘And that will continue to be the case for a time,’ he added.

‘While the vaccines would obviously take the extreme out of it and prevent hundreds of thousands of cases, there is still the possibility of tens of thousands of hospitalizations and a large number of deaths if we relax too soon.’

He decided that there should be a five-week gap between measures and that it is “reasonable to take this conservative path.”

‘It’s taken a long time for us to learn to be careful in this regard; I don’t think it’s time to go back to a more risky approach,’ Professor Hayward said.

‘What the vaccine should do is wipe away the risk of the surge contributing to, say, over 100,000 deaths,’ he said when asked about a spike in infections in the winter.

‘I don’t believe that’s the case…’ The number of deaths would most likely be in the tens of thousands, if not the low tens of thousands.

‘That sounds horrible, but it’s not that far from what we go through every year with flu and other respiratory illnesses.’

Per year, about 10,000 people in England and Wales suffer from the flu, with up to 20,000 deaths in very bad years.

Vaccines aren’t 100 percent safe, but people will die even though the chance is significantly reduced.

Millions of needy Britons will not be covered and not everyone will opt-in to the roll-out. In the future, dangerous versions could arise, making jabs even less successful.

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