Russian drone shot down after ‘flying into Nato airspace

Russian drone shot down after 'flying into Nato airspace

Russian drone shot down after 'flying into Nato airspace, Russian drone shot down after ‘flying into Nato airspace, Relay VibesRussian drone shot down after ‘flying into Nato airspace

According to Ukraine’s military, a Russian drone traveled over Poland before entering Ukrainian airspace and was shot down.

The drone is said to have hovered above the Ukrainian city of Yavoriv before flying across NATO-controlled territory in Poland.

The Ukrainian air force headquarters stated the drone went inside Nato airspace in a statement, accusing Moscow of “provocation.”

According to 24 TV, the drone appeared to be assessing damage to the Yavoriv military base near Lviv after missile strikes killed at least 35 people over the weekend, according to the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

It was then reported to have flown over Poland before returning to Ukrainian territory and being shot down by Ukrainian air defense.

“As we can see, the invaders continue to carry out their aggressive activities without hesitation, flying into the airspace of Nato member nations,” a spokeswoman for Ukrainian military stated.

In the early hours of Sunday morning, Putin’s forces conducted missile strikes within 12 kilometers from the Polish-Ukraine border.

At least 35 persons were killed and 134 more were injured in the bombing on the Yavoriv military facility outside Lviv.

More than 30 cruise missiles were fired at the facility by Russian forces, leading officials to warn Vladimir Putin that he may start “provoking” Nato members.

Poland is a member of the 30-nation defensive military alliance, which also includes the United Kingdom, the United States, France, and Germany.

Sajid Javid, Britain’s health minister, said on Monday that if Putin assaults a Nato nation, Britain will go to war.

“We’ve been quite clear from the start, with our Nato friends, that any form of attack on Nato territory will result in war with Nato and a serious reaction,” Mr. Javid said.

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