Roman Abramovich ‘was poisoned with First World War chemical agent

Roman Abramovich 'was poisoned with First World War chemical agent

Roman Abramovich 'was poisoned with First World War chemical agent, Roman Abramovich ‘was poisoned with First World War chemical agent, Relay VibesRoman Abramovich ‘was poisoned with First World War chemical agent

‘Are we dying?’ said Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich, according to reports. after being poisoned with a chemical weapon during peace talks between Ukraine and Russia

According to specialists, the millionaire had serious symptoms after coming into touch with the World War One chemical warfare weapon Chloropicrin or a low dose of Novichok.

According to Christo Grozev, an investigative journalist who headed the investigation into the tragic occurrence, a panel of scientists determined that the WWII chemical was the most likely one used in the attack.

According to the New York Times, the millionaire felt so bad that he asked the scientist evaluating him whether he was dying.

On a visit to Kyiv in early March to seek an end to the war, Abramovich and other peace negotiators had terrible symptoms, including temporary blindness.

After traveling to Turkey following the Ukraine discussions, Abramovich required medical care in Istanbul.

One idea is that hardliners loyal to Vladimir Putin tried to sabotage peace efforts and prolong the conflict.

In a recent interview, Grozov spoke in Russian to inform the Popular Politics YouTube channel that all of the specialists agreed that Chloropicrin, a chemical warfare weapon employed in World War One and stored in World War Two, was the most likely cause of their symptoms.

‘All of the professionals who talked with them looked at their photos and conducted personal inspections,’ he claimed.

“This was not a coincidence, not food poisoning, nor an allergy,” the specialists said.

‘They proposed this [?hlorpicrin] and other war agents,’ he explained.

‘On one of them, they agreed, but on the others, they differed.’

‘They also agreed that the only way to detect the agent was to bring these persons to a laboratory or submit a sample of their blood to a lab equipped to detect war agents.’

‘Which agent did they all agree on?’ he was asked.

‘?hlorpicrin – this is the agent causing practically all of the identified symptoms,’ Grozev answered.

‘The only drawback to that notion was that Chlorpicrin has a strong odor, making it difficult to administer without being recognized.

‘But then one of the experts stated there were newer versions of this agent that didn’t smell.’

‘Other hypotheses included a little dose of Novichok, which, according to one very informed specialist, may have caused these symptoms.’

Sergei Skripal, a GRU double agent, was poisoned at his home in Salisbury, England, and his daughter Yulia was hospitalized as a result.

The GRU – Russian military intelligence – was suspected of being behind the strike.

Novichok was also used to poison Alexei Navalny, a rival of Vladimir Putin, in Siberia.

He required life-saving medical care in Germany before being deported to Russia and imprisoned.

According to Grozev, it was not able to do adequate depth studies on the cause of the poisoning with Abramovich and the other victims.

‘Over the next several weeks, the symptoms faded, and because the group… was indeed involved in discussions, travelling from one location to another, it was really difficult to find a day when they could get to a European metropolis with a high-quality laboratory,’ he claimed.

‘Unfortunately, by the time it was practicable, metabolic processes had rendered the agent undetectable.’

‘Unfortunately, it will remain a major mystery…’

‘However, there was a period when these people were in charge of seeking a peaceful conclusion to the conflict.’

‘They would have flown where they were ordered to comprehend what it was in any other scenario, but in that situation, they put their health ahead of their discussions.’

‘Perhaps we’ll never learn.’

Grozev slammed the US for first saying that the Abramovich poisoning was caused by “environmental” conditions, as well as Ukraine for downplaying the poisoning.

‘To address your question regarding why individuals lie [about poisoning], they lie for a variety of reasons,’ he said on YouTube.

‘The Ukrainian authorities might be lying because they don’t want this information to go public, and they don’t want the negotiation process to be sped up.’

‘Perhaps this is why Americans came out with the ludicrous and, to be honest, insulting claim that it wasn’t poisoning, but rather environmental causes.’

‘This is similar to the Kremlin’s claims that Navalny had a hypoglycemia problem.’

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