RnB singer Ann Marie Arrested After Allegedly Shooting A Man

RnB singer Ann Marie arrested after allegedly shooting a man

, RnB singer Ann Marie Arrested After Allegedly Shooting A Man, Relay Vibes

RnB singer Ann Marie has been arrested after she allegedly shot a man.

Ann Marie was arrested after she allegedly shot a man in he head.  Joann Marie Slater, her real name,25, was taken into jail in Atlanta on December 2nd.

Record with Fulton County has stated that she was charged with incited assault with a fatal weapon and firearm possession during commission of a felony.

The suspected shooting took place at a Buckhead hotel on December 1st, with police officers who responded found, according to CBS 46, a 24-year-old man with a bullet injury in his head.

The man was faintly responsive at the scene, but when taken to Grady Memorial Hospital, he was declared to be in critical condition.

Ann Marie explained, according to sources, that a gun had come off a table in the office, and went out of the room to hit the man.

Reportedly, the R&B artist was ‘hysterically crying’ and was upset and kept questioning police if the guy was going to be okay.

Ann Marie was said to have been removed from the scene and told the officers that the man was visiting from Chicago and that they had grown up together.

The jail records for Ann Marie do not state a release date.

Chicago’s Ann Marie is popular for her 2018 single Secret, which stayed 4 weeks on the Billboard Hot R&B Songs chart in 2019 and has more than 82 million views on YouTube.


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