Rapper Boosie Badazz Is Suing Mark Zuckerberg $20m For Discrimination

Rapper Boosie Badazz is suing Mark Zuckerberg $20m for Discrimination

, Rapper Boosie Badazz Is Suing Mark Zuckerberg $20m For Discrimination, Relay VibesRapper Boosie Badazz is suing Mark Zuckerberg $20m for Discrimination. Louisiana-born Boosie Badazz said in an interview this week that the Facebook founder’s refusal to return his account was gross bigotry.

He was robbed of Boosie’s account back in August. The rapper was well-known for regularly sharing photos that defied the community rules on nudity on the site.

Earlier this year, in gratitude for getting his Instagram profile back, Boosie gave Mark Zuckerberg, or ‘Mark Zuckinberger,’ as he called him, $100,000.

He said Zuckerberg made  one of his business ventures go down and that he will file a lawsuit against him.

While the rapper did not indicate which business plan, when his original account was deactivated, he told Vlad TV the $20 million amount is what he missed. It is still not clear if he has already filed a complaint.

‘I had 10 million fans, fucked up my money that I use to feed my children,’ he said.

Boosie said he was being discriminated against because of the color of his skin.

He has been in touch with other Instagram users, according to the rapper, whose accounts have been taken down and later resurrected.

He said he suspects that after the rapper mispronounced his name, the Facebook founder may be holding a personal grudge.

‘You will send back your Instagram to two million users. Discrimination is this. Everyone is furious because I said the wrong word, so they’re trying to punish me.

The rapper has since created a new Instagram, but he claims that Instagram blocked some of its key features, such as the ability to go live, as soon as he got a following again.

‘My Black people are beginning to warn me that this guy is a bigot, Boosie. He acknowledges that you are shaping the Black community and making them happy every morning. Maybe he’ll try to stop us from laughing.’

When his first Instagram was pulled down earlier this year the rapper put out a plea.

‘I need to speak with you, Mark Zuckinberger,’ he said according to TMZ.

‘I don’t know what I’ve done, so I need the back of my Instagram. This is how my family feeds me. Mark is not going to do this by 2020,’ he added.


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