Rain Gordon, 24-year-old Woman Attracted To Objects, ‘Marries Briefcase

Rain Gordon 24-year-old Woman attracted to objects, 'marries briefcase

Rain Gordon, 24, has finally tied the knot with her briefcase.

A woman who admits she is drawn to objects romantically has opened up about marrying a briefcase and says the love of her life is her future husband”.

She still felt captivated by things, Rain Gordon said, and this gradually developed into a romantic and sexual desire.

She was married to a briefcase she had called Gideon at a ceremony in June of this year, held by a neighbor.

The 24-year-old said that even though in the past she had relationships with men, she was always more drawn to objects than to humans, and in her relationships with objects, she was always happier.

After buying him at a hardware store as a prop for a photoshoot, the young woman first saw her’ future husband’ back in August 2015.

As time went by, she said that she found herself falling in love with the briefcase.

A couple of month after, in November 2015, nursery school teacher Rain revealed her obsession with the briefcase and made her relationship with it official. Eventually, they tied the knot in June this year 2020.

“I started growing feelings for objects at 8. ”

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I have claimed from my youth that a spirit is found in things as well as everything surrounding us. I believe in what is called animism, that is, in everything, there is life.

Rain Gordon,Marries Briefcase, Rain Gordon, 24-year-old Woman Attracted To Objects, ‘Marries Briefcase, Relay Vibes
Rain Gordon, 24-year-old Woman Attracted To Objects, ‘Marries Briefcase

I fell in love with places like the new shopping centre which opened in my town during my childhood and early teenage years. I knew it was unfair, and above society’s standards. I didn’t tell anyone that.’

“I never thought that we were going to get married. I love its look, but didn’t think about any other thing.” she narrated, reflecting of the briefcase.

But then I began to like Gideon for anything more than that. I realised steadily that I was beginning to fall in love.

I would like to look at him for hours and enjoy his touch. The relationship started after a few of months in November.

We shared our first hug and kiss, and we spent more time together in the evenings and weekends. For three or four hours, we could have philosophical conversations.

Telepathically, our divine connection and connectivity is revealed. I hear him, and he hears me, but from the outside it seems like a monologue.

To me, Gideon is more than a wife. He’s a husband, a friend, a mentor.

“He gives me hope for better future more than anything. I feel like even Gideon knows me better than I do.

Though still in a relationship with Gideon, Rain said she branched out into a new relationship with a man in 2017, but she did not communicate with him in the same way, and would still choose Gideon over another man.

Well, I haven’t met any person who could erode my attraction and make me loved with Gideon in the same way I do.

In 2017, I was with a guy and the relationship lasted for two years, but it did not finish well. He found my item obsession and one of the reasons why we broke up was this.

“I couldn’t communicate with him. I choose Gideon without any doubt when faced with a decision between him and Gideon.

“I always have and always will choose him. For me though I don’t really like using that word, artifacts are actually better than humans.

Although Rain didn’t tell anybody about her relationship at first, she finally told some of her friends and her brother, who she says were both really understanding.

Rain and Gideon got outstanding wedding rings with individual engravings on them.

While Rain admitted that the marriage was unofficial and not legalized, she said she was the happiest she had ever been.

I enthusiastically accepted and made an order for wedding rings for myself and for him, with individual engravings.

It was a June wedding, but we conducted the reception far later in October in a hotel room.

This isn’t the first time I’ve booked a hotel, only because we want to spend time together.

We were married online by a friend of mine, and my parents and brother attended the ceremony.

Rain is now telling her experience to help raise awareness about sexual objects and to break down the stereotypes and myths about this orientation.

“People don’t get what I feel. I was informed that I was ill and to get care.

I’m not letting anything offend me anymore. Sexual objects pose a threat to themselves or others.

It is shameful to mock and humiliate us for the fact that those we love are not like anyone else. Love is love. Love.

“I wish there was more empathy among people. Don’t blame people over what you don’t understand.


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