Queen Cancels All Garden Parties in 2021 After Surge In COVID Cases

Queen cancels all garden parties in 2021 after surge in COVID-19 cases


Queen has canceled all garden parties in 2021 after surge in COVID cases. Both royal garden parties in London and Edinburgh have been postponed by the Queen for the rest of this year, Buckingham Palace reported today.

The decision was made after trouble encountered by royal officials preparing the activities in recent days in the wake of new coronavirus regulations and lockdowns being declared.

With deadlines closing to agree to their go-ahead, taking Covid-19 safeguards into account, it was not realistic to prepare if they would be viable.

Garden parties are a place to celebrate and reward elected officials who have gone beyond and beyond to support nonprofits and their surrounding neighborhoods.

They are also a way of offering thanks to members of the military and international community. Per year there are usually four parties, held in the summer.

Garden parties are usually held at Buckingham Palace and Edinburgh’s Holyroodhouse Palace.

A spokesperson for Buckingham Palace said today: ‘The announcement was reached that garden parties will not take place in 2021.’

More than 30,000 visitors are generally invited by the Queen each year to enjoy a summer afternoon in the gardens of Buckingham Palace or Holyroodhouse.

At any garden party, about 27,000 cups of tea, 20,000 sandwiches and 20,000 slices of cake are served.

At Buckingham Palace, three parties are being held and one at Holyroodhouse Palace. To welcome friends, a network of supporters is used.

The gates of the Palace are open from 3 pm, and when the Queen and other members of the Royal Family enter the courtyard, the party officer starts at 4 pm.

One of the two military bands present performs the National Anthem, with the royals then circulating along what are known as ‘lanes’ among the guests.

A separate path is followed by each royal and spontaneous presentations are made with the expectation that everyone has a fair opportunity to talk to the Queen and other royals.

The Queen also grants permission to organize additional garden parties, such as in 2006 to mark the 50th anniversary of the Award Scheme of The Duke of Edinburgh.

Others involved groups to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Territorial Amy in 2008 and the Women’s Institute and Blind Veterans UK’s Centenary in 2015.

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