Prostitute wins six-figure pay out after suing for sexual harassment

Prostitute wins six-figure pay out after suing for sexual harassment

, Prostitute wins six-figure pay out after suing for sexual harassment, Relay Vibes


Harlot has won 6-figure pay-out after she sued for sexual harassment.

Part of the arrangement, a New Zealand sex worker obtained a six-figure settlement after filing a sexual harassment suit against the owner of the business.

The payout is to ‘compensate her for both emotional damage and missed earnings,’ according to the Human Rights Commission of the nation.

This case serves as a vital reminder that all workers, regardless of their job, have the right to be free from sexual harassment in the place of work, said Michael Timmins, director for Human Rights Proceedings.

The name remains private of the sex worker who was handled by the office of Timmins and of those involved in the arrangement.

“We will urge all business owners and employers to make sure they understand those rights and respect them,” Timmins said in a statement.

‘Context is everything. In provocative, coercive, or violent situations, even in a brothel language with a sexual component, it can be used improperly,’ the court said in its decision.

‘It follows that it is not possible to ask whether a “reasonable sex worker” would find the behaviour unwelcome or offensive.

‘If in a brothel term or attitude of a sexual nature could never be considered rejected or offensive, sex workers would have been denied of the Human Rights Act protection.’

For sex workers, the deal reached today has been celebrated as a landmark.

‘It’s wonderful to see that a settlement of this sort has been awarded to a sex worker in the field of sex work,’ Dame Catherine Healy, New Zealand Sex Workers national organizer, told the BBC.

She said, describing the event as a “wake up call” for corporations, “It takes courage to stand up in the workplace, any workplace.”

In 2003, the Prostitution Reform Act in New Zealand decriminalized prostitution and developed a structure to protect sex workers’ human rights and promote their welfare.

It allowed brothels to act as a legal company and gave full employment rights to sex workers.


Credit: BBC

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