Prince Harry New Job Means Penis in Japanese

Prince Harry New Job Means Penis in Japanese

Prince Harry New Job Means Penis in Japanese

Prince Harry has got a job as Chief Impact Officer’ at a start-up mental health firm in California. The position which is also popularly called ‘chimpo’ in business circles.

A big Congratz to him – however, on the other hand, it’s getting viral for the wrong reasons in Japan. It’s because the word, ‘chimpo’, is slang for ‘penis’.

A news site in Japan, SoraNews24, actually reported how people were making jest of the job title, saying all sort of things like ‘I bet this kind of news made junior high school boys joyous’ and ‘No matter what age you are, the word ‘chimpo’ usually raises smiles’.

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Another said: ‘Imagine him coming to Japan and introducing himself as a ‘chimpo’ to officials? I’m expecting to see the reaction on their faces!’

The title, ‘chimpo’, is not just particular to him, many companies also will have a chimpo(Chief Impact Officer).

He only happens to be the chimpo for BetterUp Inc, a coaching firm , an appointment announced in March.

After the announcement, he made it known to the Wall Street Journal his intention to use the role to ‘create impact in the lives of people’.

He went on saying that proactive coaching really gives room to boundless possibilities for personal development, intensifed awareness, and an overall better life.

Prince Harry will not directly manage employees as part of his job description, expected to take part in meetings and company’s special events, the CEO of the organisation, Alexi Robichaux, said.

Prince Harry is now on the company list as part of BetterUp’s leadership team on their website. It has a black and white picture, and he’s described as a ‘military veteran, humanitarian, environmentalist and mental wellness advocate’.


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