Paternity Fraud: Man Died After His Wife’s Confession On Their Kids’ Father


Social media has been hot lately about the Managing Director of First Monument City Bank (FCMB) in Nigeria who was alleged to have been having extra marital affair with his subordinate, Mrs Moyo Thomas.

Mrs Moyo Thomas, wife to Mr Tunde Thomas, also a bank in another bank, was allegedly sleeping with her boss. She had two kids and at a point eloped to United States to seek asylum lying hat she had been facing domestic violence in his marriage.

Mrs Moyo later tendered her divorce letter to Mr Tunde Thomas and broke the sad news to him.

This led to Mr Tunde Thomas having stroke and at a point he recovered and moved on with his life but the thought of betrayal and sacrifice he had put in the marriage will not get him free completely but later died of cardiac arrest last year, December. Here is the full story below:

Mr Tunde Thomas was reported to be dead as a result of His Wife’s confession To him about the real father of their two kids, which happened to be her former boss At FCMB, Adam Nuru

Tunde Thomas (aka Tunde Gentle), 45, had died nearly two weeks ago as a result of heart failure. The two kids in his marriage were revealed to have no been his but by the Managing Director of FCMB, Adam Nuru who happened to be his wife’s superior at work.

Tunde’s wife, Moyo Thomas (aka Nee Ojo), was allegedly engaging in an office romantic affair with her MD, a relationship that was so open to all staff members in the bank.

Nuhu, a happily married Billionaire, never spared a thought for Tunde who was fathering and taking care of the two kids he thought were his. while he got lost in lust with Moyo.

Witness of the whole story affirmed that Tunde was so much in love with his wife and children to the extent that he gave his all on them. He would sometime take them to London and Dubai for holidays. He also ensured the kids attended the best schools n Nigeria.

At the height of this awful relationship and when the elder child was about turning 8, Moyo suddenly tendered her resignation from FCMB and traveled to the US with both kids, still on the ground of holiday.

It was when the school resumed in Nigeria and kids who ought to have returned but didn’t, that Tunde began to ask questions. This was when the lady finally summoned the courage to confess to him that the children were not his.

She even went to the extent of filing for asylum in the United States on the ground of marital/domestic violence in Nigeria, against Tunde, who is well known by his gentle and easygoing attitude. Her aim, as gathered, was to attain the Green Card(citizenship in US) and also prevent Tunde from being allowed to enter the US, in the bid of avoiding face-to-face interaction.

Not quite long after the knowledge of this sad news firstly in 2017,Tunde reportedly suffered from stroke. He eventually recovered but said to have ever been himself again, as he would just start crying with no reason.

As he was able to get over the illness, Tunde was said to have picked himself up and start a new life. He started another relationship with a lady who is a lawyer. He later invited some of his friends to go with him visiting the lady’s family on 26th December. However, before this day would come, Tunde was reportedly to have gotten home from work in the evening on 15 Dec 2020 and suddenly collapsed at his apartment staircase. He died immediately.

Autopsy report has shown cause of his death to be ‘heart failure’ .

Tunde Gentle, an ex staff of the then Oceanic Bank, got buried on Wednesday, 30 Dec 2020.”

Responding to the saga, the FCMB Group Head, Corporate Affairs, Diran Olojo has issued a statement saying the bank is aware of the allegations against the MD and the board of directors have started reviewing and investigating the matter while their stance will be disclosed at the end

However, more than 1400 people have signed a petition demanding the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) to fire Nuru.

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