Pastor Sleeps with Minor and Wife Reportedly Pays Her to be Silent

Pastor rapes minor and wife reportedly pays her to keep quiet

Pastor Sleeps with Minor, Pastor Sleeps with Minor and Wife Reportedly Pays Her to be Silent, Relay Vibes

Pastor sleeps with minor and wife reportedly pays her to keep quiet.

After being convicted of raping a woman, the Senior Pastor of the Five Fold Interdenominational Church Outreach Ministries’ Soweto branch has come under pressure.

On Tuesday, March 2, members of the church allegedly filed a lawsuit with the Commission for the Promotion and Protection of the Rights of Cultural, Religious, and Linguistic Communities (CRL Rights Commission), accusing him of raping and impregnating a minor.

The South African minister was also accused of sexually assaulting female congregants, a controversy that has got the congregation to split .

About the fact that no criminal charges had been filed against the pastor, Sowetan reported that church members said in their lawsuit that the South African pastor had been sexually grooming the 14-year-old girl who stayed at their Fourways estate home. Since she became pregnant, she was allegedly sent back to the East Cape.

The now 24-year-old woman confessed to being taken advantage of by the preacher when she was in her early teens in a short interview with Sowetan last week. She said that she would have more information after speaking with her lawyer.

The pastor was also accused of having romantic affairs with two female members of his congregation, whom he reportedly intended to wed in a polygamous marriage.

The complaint read;

“Just after girl came of legal age and went back home, she had intercourse with the priest, and a second child was born in 2020 after series of abortion which was all paid for by the pastor.

In the other side, the pastor’s wife was accused of paying the girl money so as to keep it silent.

The pastor was also tied to another church member with whom he reportedly got engaged, according to the congregation. His wife, on the other hand, was informed and reportedly chased the woman out of the church. According to reports, the pastor was asked to resign in January after the church’s executive management intervened.

Puseletso Lukele, deputy chairperson of the parish administration committee, told the publication:

“We heard countless complaints from the young girls(mainly teens), and they were taken to the Executive Committee before going to Gogo (the pastor’s wife). Gogo had tendered an apology to the congregation, and the pastor also withdrew. He was then invited to the Board Committee, where he apologized.”

The commission has been looking at reports of church corruption, cults, and financial mismanagement. Since last year, they’ve been having public hearings.

The sex controversy was also brought up in the church’s feedback session last month, where the management committee admitted to knowing about the violence last year

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