Nipah Virus in China with 75% Fatality Rate Could be next Pandemic?

Nipah virus in China with 75% fatality rate could be next pandemic

Nipah Virus in China

Nipah virus in China with 75% fatality rate could be next pandemic. An outbreak of the Nipah virus in China with a fatality rate of up to 75 percent, could potentially be the next big pandemic after COVID-19, according to a report by the Access to Medicine Foundation.

Another new infectious agent causing considerable concern is the Nipah virus. At any moment, Nipah could blast. A drug-resistant virus could be the next pandemic,’ The Guardian quoted Jayasree K Iyer, the executive director of the Access to Medicine Foundation located in the Netherlands, as saying.

The virus, which can cause flu-like symptoms and brain injury, is uncommon and transmitted by fruit bats. According to the World Health Organization, it can cause encephalitis, or inflammation of the brain. Supportive care is the standard therapy.

However, an outbreak of the Nipah virus in India’s southern state Kerala in 2018 claimed 17 lives with countries like Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates temporarily placing as a consequence of the outbreak there, the ban on frozen and processed fruit and vegetable imports from Kerala.

Health authorities at the time claimed that the outbreaks of Nipah in Bangladesh and India may have been connected with the consumption of date palm juice.

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