NBA Youngboy Now A Father of 7 At Age 21 After Welcoming Child With Yaya Mayweather

NBA Youngboy now a father of 7 at age 21 after welcoming child with Yaya Mayweather

Kentrell DeSean Gaulden, NBA Youngboy now a father of 7 at age 21 after welcoming child with Yaya Mayweather. His 7th child was already accepted by NBA YoungBoy, who turned 21 in October 2020.

The Louisiana-born musician, The Baton Rouge, welcomed his 7th child with Yaya Mayweather, Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s 20-year-old daughter.

Floyd Mayweather Jr., Yaya’s father, made an announcement then in October that his daughter and NBA YoungBoy were expecting their first baby, adding that he just wants the best for his daughter, and he always wants the best. He went on say that if that makes her happy, then everyone is happy.

On November 26, just last year, while expecting the birth of his seventh child, Youngboy and the actress Drea Symone welcomed his sixth child.NBA Youngboy Now A Father of 7

His sixth and seventh children are under 2 months apart in age.

YoungBoy began having kids as a teenager. Ages of most of his kids are actually close.

At age 18, he already had 4 kids.

In all, the 21-year-old rapper has 5 sons and 2 daughters, and most of the mothers of his children do not get along as planned.

Yaya Mayweather, while expecting a child, stabbed another of NBA YoungBoy’s baby moms in the rapper’s home in a horrifying incident last year. If she is sentenced, she currently faces up to 99 years in court.

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