Model Slammed For Posing Naked On Top Of An Elephant

Model slammed for posing naked on top of an elephant

model,elephant,russian nude, Model Slammed For Posing Naked On Top Of An Elephant, Relay VibesModel slammed for her naked pose on back of an elephant. After a holiday in Bali, Jessica Rast, who featured on the cover of MAXIM, posted the photograph to social media.

She said she was encouraged to make a shot after seeing a nature show in Australia and going on a safari during her travels.

The picture showed the model in a jungle environment, nude and resting on the back of an elephant sitting on the grass.

A caption reads, “Just being a tree fairy.

“We are nature. It’s natural, do you find that artistic or offensive?

“For me everything (and all is poetry.”

She said The photo was taken very peacefully – there were animal protectors to help me make a click.”

Another photo shows the model in the bottoms of a bikini leaning on the tip of her toes to kiss an elephant between her legs.

Rast has more than 328,000 followers on Instagram and also publishes stunning photos from lavish spots around the world.

Other recent destinations included Dubai, Israel and the Amazon rainforest.

The model was also the cover star for the September issue of MAXIM Australia.


Animal rights groups have long encouraged people not to ride elephants while on vacation.

As well as safety issues, they argue that animals are often housed in unsafe conditions and that the methods used to teach them are coercive.

The World Animal Welfare Advocacy Organization claims that elephants cannot be domesticated in the manner that dogs or sheep can be domesticated.

“They are simply wild animals,” the guide written by the organization says.

Their wild nature and great physical strength mean that it is not easy to train elephants to ride or do tricks quickly.

Charity Animals Asia said that by engaging in elephant riding, “western visitors are involved in extreme animal cruelty and are driving the magnificent Asian elephant to the verge of extinction.”

Despite the controversy surrounding the topic, several of Rast’s followers defended her and responded positively to the photographs.

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