Misogyny to be Recorded as Hate Crime to Curb Violence Against Women

Misogyny to be Recorded as Hate Crime to Curb Violence Against Women

Misogyny , now is to be recorded as Hate Crime to in the bid to curb violence against women

Misogyny will be recorded as hate crime by the Police after much pressure on the Government by campaigners for stricter laws to protect women after the murder of Sarah Everard according to The Telegraph .

All crimes which are thought to be inspired by assault based on the victim’s sex in England and Wales are to be recorded as hate crime by the Police.

Hostilities like be sexual offences, stalking and harassment, are all kind of crimes included as disclosed by Baroness Williams, Home Office minister of Trafford on Wednesday.

About 7 forces already started recording misogyny as a hate crime. Now, the whole of 42 will now be given the instruction to do the same by the Home Office.

With this new law, campaigners will expect this new development will make more provision to bestow judges more powers to press tougher judgement for crimes pertaining to harassment and abuse.

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Baroness Williams cleared that this change would, at first, be enforced as a basis of probation, and a long-term decision is expected after the completion of Law Commission’s final review into hate crime.

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There has been relatively minimal number of successful prosecutions against rapists and stalkers, as activists had warned the fear of many women if they’ll be believed when such crimes are reported to the police.

This is coming after the death of Sarah Everard and the way Metropolitan Police is handling a vigil in her memory ignited the new agitation for the Government to restrain violence against women and girls.

Labour MP Stella Creasy, leading the movement for a change of law, said recording crimes which are inspired by hatred on women will help better understand the magnitude of the issue and make improvement on the efforts preventing such crimes.

She announced that she glad that the government has finally listened to this cross-party and grassroots campaign in making misogyny a hate crime and now taking the initial steps to making it happen.

‘This should give all women credence that when they come forth to report crimes they will be taken seriously, too,’ she added.

The Fawcett Society also expressed their happiness towards the new development that the Government had turned their listening ears to their complaint

Felicia Willow, the CEO, said it is important that women have the courage to report crimes and that they are not taken with levity when reporting this crimes.

What is your take on this new proposed law?

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