Meghan Rapinoe Accuses FA of Fighting Against the Team for Equal Pay

Meghan Rapinoe accuses FA

Meghan Rapinoe accuses FA, Meghan Rapinoe Accuses FA of Fighting Against the Team for Equal Pay, Relay Vibes

Meghan Rapinoe accuses FA of fighting against the team for equal pay.

During comments before a congressional committee on Wednesday, March 24, Megan Rapinoe, a member of the United States women’s national team, slammed the United States Soccer Federation, accusing it of working against the team’s pursuit of equality.

The two-time World Cup champion is at the heart of her team’s gender discrimination lawsuit against the United States. Soccer, and she appeared before the House Oversight Committee on Wednesday for a hearing aimed at “examining the economic damage caused by longstanding gender inequalities, especially for women of color.”

“It’s an honor to be in front of you today,” Rapinoe said in her prepared opening statement. It should come as no surprise that I am passionate about equal pay and equality in general.

“Today i vouch for the fact that this is correct.” We are constantly told in this country that if you work hard and achieve your goals, you will be fairly compensated. It’s the American dream’s vow. However, not everyone has benefited from this pledge.

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“On this great country’s behalf, the Women’s National Team has, in total, won 4 World Cup championships and 4 Olympic gold medals.” Jerseys sold out , stadiums full capacity, and broken viewership records, and many other famous metrics by which we’re judged.

Rather than working with the women’s team to encourage equal pay and equality in general, the US Soccer Federation has consistently lobbied against our efforts, as well as the efforts of millions of sexually oppressed people across the country.

And if it can happen to us, to me, even when the brightest lights are shining on us at all times, it can and does happen to a gender oppressed person. But there’s no need for us to hold our breath. We don’t have to wait decades for our desires to be fulfilled. That is something we have the ability to alter right now. All we need is the will to succeed.”

”So as always, LFG. Thank you.”

She answered questions from members of the United States House of Representatives about equal pay and transgender rights.

Last year, the US Women’s team filed a lawsuit against the US Soccer Federation for unequal pay and working conditions compared to the men’s team.

The USWNT and US Soccer reached an agreement in December over one part of the team’s lawsuit, which involved unequal working conditions.

U.S. Soccer agreed to change its policies on charter flights, venue selection, professional support, and hotel accommodations as part of the settlement.

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