Marvel Phase 4 Will Change How Powerful You Think Thanos Was


, Marvel Phase 4 Will Change How Powerful You Think Thanos Was, Relay VibesBy Eternals, MCU Phase 4 changes expectations of how strong Thanos (Josh Brolin) really was in Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame.

The Crazy Titan is generally perceived by fans as the most dominant character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which is not that different from the popularity he holds in comic books.

There’s no doubt that Thanos is the greatest obstacle any hero in the MCU has ever faced. In the Infinity War, Thanos’ search for the Infinity Stones compelled Earth’s Most Strong Heroes to team up with Black Panther (Chadwick Boseman), Spider-Man (Tom Holland), Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) and the Galaxy Keepers to save him.

In spite of their numbers, Thanos completed his target and eventually prevailed. He then cemented his status as the most destructive power in the MCU by wiping out half of the world with the Gauntlet of Infinity.

Endgame also illustrated Thanos’ level of challenge by establishing a scenario where it took an entire army of superheroes to oppose him.

But it wasn’t their influence that finally took him down. Thanos had to be destroyed by the Infinity Gauntlet of Iron Man.

As strong as Thanos was in the MCU, his opinions may change a little when Eternals releases in 2021.

That’s because the forthcoming Marvel movie will have a variety of characters who are similar, equal, or above him in strength.

That’s why Thanos will by the way come off as less impressive and aggressive as he did before. The Celestials, for example, are among the most important creatures in nature.

These titanic, god-like aliens are the makers of the Eternals who enter multiple planets, establish life and pass judgement on them.

Thanos uses troops to decimate nations, but with limited effort, the Celestials will destroy whole planets in comics.

There is also the question of the Eternals themselves. In comics, every Eternal has more powers than the DC Superman, which renders every member of his race a power to be dealt with.

At least one – Gilgamesh – is on the same level as Thor when it comes to strength; he alone could be a match for the Insane Titan, which is a surprising idea.

All things considering, if the Eternals had battled against Thanos, the Avengers would never have been needed.

Even, their race being identical to him in terms of strength is not unexpected considering that Thanos’ comic book equivalent is the Immortal.

It may be that the edition of the MCU is as powerful as it is since it is also the Eternal.

The Celestials and the Eternals are not the only protagonists that can alter what people think about the force of Thanos.

The Deviants may even have a role to play in that. To be sure, the Deviants (with the potential exception of Tutinax the Mountain Mover) are considerably weaker than Thanos, but it seems very likely that Marvel will give them all massive improvements in Step 4.

They’re going to have to be stronger than Thanos if they’re going to be a threat to characters as powerful as the Eternals.

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