Man Jailed For 28 Years After Wrongful Murder Conviction Awarded £7m

Man Jailed For 28 Years

Man jailed for 28 years after wrongful murder conviction awarded £7m. $9.8 million (£7 million) has been awarded to an innocent driver who spent 28 years in prison after he was falsely accused of murder.

When he was charged in 1991 with murdering a classmate in a botched burglary in Philadelphia, US, Chester Hollman III was 21.

He did not have a criminal record and worked as a pilot in an armoured car.

In 2019, after spending close to 30 years behind bars, a judge had ruled that the 49-year-old man be released.

The judge said that police and prosecutors had based their case around false testimony from persons they manipulated as witnesses.

They had also withheld information, the Philadelphia Inquirer wrote, that pointed to the actual perpetrators.

The City of Philadelphia has already decided to pay a massive amount, which is one of the highest settlements in its history over false convictions.

Mr Hollman ,in his statement, says: “There are no words to express what was taken from me.”

In terms of the settlement being settled quickly, as part of the agreement, police and city officials did not admit to misconduct.

Amelia Green, Mr. Hollman’s counsel, said: “There was irrefutable evidence that Chester was innocent, innocent, innocent, and innocent at all times and would never have been wrongfully convicted except for extraordinary misconduct by the police.”

She described him as an extremely powerful individual as well.

Since District Attorney Larry Krasner’s Verdict Integrity Team decided to review his appeal in 2018, Mr Hollman was exonerated by the court.

It was almost doubtful he would have carried out the shooting, concluded the squad.

He had been threatened by both Mr Hollman and his attorneys because he was a black man driving a white SUV.

The automobile fit the description of a car seen fleeing the scene of the crime, they added.

But no physical evidence linked him to the killing of a University of Pennsylvania undergraduate, Tae-Jung Ho.


Credit: Dailystar

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