Man arrested Over Alleged Intent to blow up Amazon data center

Man arrested Over Alleged Intent to blow up Amazon data center

Man arrested Over Alleged Intent to blow up Amazon data center

What could possibly be the thought of the culprit?

And there it is that a Texas man was arrested over alleged planned to get Amazon Web Services data center in Virginia exploded. It is also reported that such action could had led to “killing about 70% of the internet.”

28-year old Seth Aaron Pendley from Wichita Falls has been arrested on Thursday following his attempt to purchase what he felt were C4 explosives, however, were inert devices from an undercover FBI officer in reality.

In a criminal complaint, a citizen had gotten in touch with the FBI on January 8th over some screenshots which were posted to, a forum which is set up to organize militia groups. There was someone with the screen name- Dionysus, wrote in the forum that there was plan ongoing to “conduct some experiment” likely to be “dangerous” and would “draw lots of heat.” Then another user asked Dionysus what was needed, Dionysus replied with “Death.”

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Dionysus’ email address was later made available to the FBI which was found to be registered to Pendley, a source had helped providing it. In late January, he started discussing with another secret source via Signal. That person informed the FBI that Pendley was planning to use plastic explosives to blow up Amazon Web Services data centers.

Working closely with the agency, the source linked Pendley to a somebody whom he claimed was an supplies explosives but was an undercover fed. In a recorded discussion, Pedley said he expected the explosion would infuriate “the oligarchy.”

The FBI also made use of subpoenaed private Facebook messages as a proof. When searching for his social media account, it was discovered that Pendley was boasting about partaking at the Capitol riot.

He was telling an ally that while he wan unable entered the building, he had removed a piece of glass from a Capitol window. Pendley also disclosed to an undercover officer that he had carried a sawed-off rifle to Washington on that day but dropped it in his car.

“We take security and safety of our workers and customer data really seriously, and from tome to time review numerous vectors against any potential threats,” Amazon Web Services spokesperson said. “We will not relent in retaining this alertness about our staff and customers.”

When security agents went searching Pendley’s home after he was arrested, they discovered some parts of an automatic rifle, also found a pistol which was painted to seem it’s a toy gun, masks, wigs, and a machete, “Dionysus” written on it. There were also maps-hand-drawn, set of notes, and flashcards in connection to his planned strike.

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