Man almost Married Wrong Woman after Google Maps Led him to Wrong Venue

Man almost Married Wrong Woman after Google Maps Led him to Wrong Venue

Man almost Married Wrong Woman after Google Maps Led him to Wrong Venue

It is no doubt that technology advancement has impacted our lives in more beneficial ways. A total reliance on it in many occasion usually resulted to funny but serious outcomes.

A groom in Indonesia nearly got married to the wrong bride after he was led to the wrong venue where arrangement for an engagement ceremony was actually taking place by Google Map navigation.

On Sunday, there were 2 ceremonies – an engagement and a wedding – happening in the same village which is believed to have caused the confusion.

According to a report, the man’s wedding party depended on Google Maps to get their way through his wedding venue, Losari Hamlet of Pakis District in central Java.

But, instead of being led to their intended location, his family ended up being led to Jengkol Hamlet, a venue not so distant from Losari Hamlet. The venue which is for a bride, Maria Ulfa, and her future husband, Burhan Sidqi, from Ringinum Village, Central Java.

A 27-year-old woman, Ulfa, whose engagement was crashed, was not aware that the man had come into the wrong house while the make-up artist was busy attending to her.

“My family welcomed them and they went ahead exchanging gifts,” Ulfa made it known to the local news portal, Tribunnews.

Suddenly and actually fortunately, one of the members from the man’s side got to realize that they were at the wrong venue and a mistake has occurred. See the video below:

According to the report, Ulfa had said her fiancé and his entourage came late as they had stopped by looking for a restroom. It was at that time this group came in.

“I was puzzled when I saw a group of men I did not know,” she said. She added that while her fiancé was a native of Kendal, the family coming to her home are from Pemalang. It was due to the location that one of her uncles noticed that something was not right.

“They said Google Maps had led them to the house,” Ulfa said.

Rojak Daily, a local news platform, reported that the group felt sorry, tendered their apology and were able to locate their actual wedding venue, now with the assistance of Ulfa’s family.

When the whole story went viral, a lot of people were wondering how the groom himself did not quickly notice he wasn’t in the right home, could it be as a result of anxiety?

However, it’s a thing of joy to finally see that it ended well

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