Lawsuit over Trump Twitter Account Dismissed by Supreme Court

Lawsuit over Trump Twitter Account Dismissed by Supreme Court

Lawsuit over Trump Twitter Account Dismissed by Supreme Court

So, after series of effort to reinstate former President Donald Trump’s Twitter account, United States Supreme Court, on Monday, has dismissed lawsuit to get back the account as the Justice Department made it clear that the end of Trump’s presidential tenure has made the case dead.

The case came up at the time 7 people had responded critically to tweets on the president’s now-banned, @realDonaldTrump, currently banned, and he retaliated by blocking them. They went on to sue and won in the lower courts, on the ground that blocking individual respondents as a result of their opinion violated the First Amendment.

The case which was proceeded to the Court of Appeals for the 2nd Circuit also had it that the president’s account is a form of public forum and usually concerned official issues with contributions from White House members of staff.

The Trump Justice Department has appealed to the Supreme Court in reversal of those rulings. While the president’s tweets were at times official statements, deciding block anyone’s responses was a personal choice and its allowed by any Twitter user, government lawyers agreed.

However the night prior to the day President Joe Biden’s oath of office, the Justice Department requested the court to dismiss the case as moot and to revoke rulings of the lower court too.

Katie Fallow from Knight Institute, the group advocating on behalf of First Amendment matters and representing the Twitter users blocked by Trump, appealed to the justices in leaving the rulings of the lower court intact.

“Now, there is huge notice that the theories established by us in this case are vital to the protection of the strength of public forums that are really prominent to our democracy,” determining the way public office holders make use of social media.

Justice Clarence Thomas cleared he is in agreement that the case be dismissed as moot. However, he said it spotted a problem- applying old philosophies to current digital platforms is seldom straightforward.

It looks odd to argue that a particular thing is a government forum when a private firms have free authority to do away with it.” Thomas said,

In January, Trump’s account was permanently suspended Twitter, on the ground that it posed the risk of continued incitement of violence. This was after a large crowd of his supporters reportedly attacked the Capitol in an attempt to disrupt the Congress from officially recognizing Joe Biden’s election victory.

It was reported that five people lost their life.

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