Lady Blogger Post a Video of Her Sagging Eyelid after Surgery

Lady Blogger Post a Video of Her Sagging Eyelid after Surgery

Lady Blogger Post a Video of Her Sagging Eyelid after Surgery

A lifestyle blogger has finally revealed the consequence of a botched Botox treatment.

Chicago-based blogger by the name Whitney Buha, , who shares posts on fashion and lifestyle tips on Instagram has been compiling her unsuccessful cosmetic procedure when she woke up from sleep one day only to discover that her right eyelid was sagging while her left eye appeared clearly larger.

Buha lamented shameful it is really and how she doesn’t really want to show it, but everyone kept asking, ‘Can we see this please?’ Many of those eager to see actually at a point got Botox and never knew this could happen while she also wasn’t aware too Buha explained in a video, before she showed the shocking outcome.

After she went back to the clinic where she was given the Botox injection, Buha was told that her sagging eyelid was as a result of a condition called ptosis. The other eye seem larger in the attempt to compensate for the impaired vision.

She was afraid that firstly, it could be permanent or secondly, her eyes or vision would really be affected for a long period of time,” she told Buzzfeed.

According to a plastic surgeon, Dr. Alan Matarasso, who was once the president of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, Buha’s condition is not common and as a matter of fact, not permanent. He went on saying that such happen when the Botox fluid seeps into nearby muscles not intended such as the eyelid.

The moment Buha was realized her condition was temporary, she started sharing her progress with her 89,000 followers, while sharing everyday side-by-side pictures and showing the remedies given by many heath officials.

Last week, she had said the Botox was eventually going off.

Buha explained in a video that she just felt like she has gotten over the hurdle of like and expressing how she feels in the condition. “Now I’m having the  feeling that my left eye is almost getting normal. My right eye still appears a lil too big, but very less of white area showing, that’s certain.”

“I just hope in some weeks time, it just keep on getting better everyday,” she added.

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