John Wick Image As A Disney Animated Character

John Wick Image As A Disney Animated Character

Samuel_cheve Instagram artist draws an image of John Wick in the style of Tangled’s Flynn Ryder, presenting what John would look like as a Disney prince.

Some wonderful fans of art on Instagram re-imagines what John Wick would look like as a Disney character.

The master assassin is played by Keanu Reeves, not long ago he reveal that he would be willing to take on the character as long as he is able to.

In 2014, the first John Wick film was debuted and subsequently imbue Reeves’ career.

Ever Since then, the action film has produced two more sequels.

The action squences was not only praise by Critics, Reeves’ acting was also admire; as a result, John Wick 4 is scheduled for release on May 27, 2022.

Little is known about John Wick 4, but the scenario will tackle John’s war against the High Table and the Continental Hotel.

Initially it was set to be released in 2021, corona virus pandemic delayed John Wick 4 realse date

Aside from the planned sequel, the vast popularity of the John Wick franchise has also led to a Starz spinoff show called The Continental, although its not stated yet if Reeves will make an appearance.

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Instagram user samuel_cheve not long ago created and posted fan art portray John Wick drawn in the style of a Disney animated character.

The instagram artist draws Wick in his trademark suit and tie combination, with his arms crossed and holding a pencil.

The first picture in the multi-image post reveal a side-by-side between Wick and Tangled’s Flynn Ryder, which samuel_cheve latter used as inspiration for his re-imagined Wick.

The similarity between John Wick and Flynn Rider is surprisingly suitable.

Flynn rider is more outwardly brave and boastful than John, but John’s self-assured and efficient fighting style speaks well of him.

The two characters are also skilled criminals that, at one point, stopped committing crimes to be with the person they loved.

Being with the person they love work out for Flynn, but not so much for John.

The addition of John’s pencil, which is a gesture to his ability to improvise weapons, is also a nice touch.

Despite the fact that Reeves shines as the role of John Wick, seeing what he would be like in an animated setting is certainly a treat for fans.

certainly, with the John Wick franchise ever-expanding, it’s hard to say what creative direction producers will want to take next.

For now the franchise will likely stay live-action.

If there is intrest in expanding John Wick to animation Samuel_cheve should be the first person to call.

Credit: Screenrant


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