Italy Blocks Users On Tiktok After A 10-year-old girl Died In A Blackout Challenge

Italy Blocks Users On Tiktok

Italian authority has blocked certain users from accessing TikTok. Users, who can’t definitely verify their age after the tragic death of a young girl who is taking part in a “blackout challenge”, from accessing Tiktok.

This girl’s death was firstly reported by ANSA on Thursday when it happened.

From the report:

A Italian girl,10, was pronounced brain dead by a Palermo hospital on Thursday after she took the Blackout Challenge on TikTok.

Her parents have accepted to donate the organs of the girl, who tied a belt round her neck to self-asphyxiate in the challenge on Tiktok.

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According to The Guardian, an investigation has been opened by Italian prosecutors , and Italy has temporarily blocked users from gaining access to the popular social platform “whose age couldn’t be verified.”

TikTok had reported that it has not discovered any content on its site that may have persuaded the girl to participate in the challenge, but was assisting the authorities in probing the incident.

A Tiktok spokesperson said: “The safety of the TikTok community is our absolute priority, for this reason we do not allow any content which encourages, promotes or glorifies behavior that could be dangerous”

The report shows that the Italian Data Protection Authority had blocked TikTok till February 15th immediately till regulator’s demands are met. This challenge being referred to was also reportedly called “scarfing” or “the choking game”, involving participants blocking oxygen to their brain in order to get high. The girl’s parents told La Repubblica that they are not aware of the game and only aware of their daughter going on TikTok for dances, and to watch videos.

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