India: 6 Year Old Boy and Another Child Married To a Dog to Ward Off Evil Spirits

6 Year Old Boy and Another Child Married To a Dog


A 6 year old boy and another child got  married to a dog in the bid to ward off evil spirits. As the couple began to develop teeth from their upper gums, which is called a’ bad omen, a toddler and a six-year-old boy were married to a puppy.

Since their infants’ teeth started to come out, the two families married their daughters to a dog of the same gender in a surreal ceremony.

Growing teeth in the upper gum is considered a “bad omen” in the Mayurbhanj district of India.

The Ho tribe, with the two children regarded as grooms and the dog as a bride, practices a superstitious tradition of marrying the children off to dogs.6 Year Old Boy and Another Child Married To a Dog

The wedding took place in Dadusahi village near Sukruli block on Friday 22 January 2021, according to the New Indian Express.

It is mentioned that the parents and the village chief went through the ritual of “ward off evil spirits.”

The tradition is said to have been practiced for centuries by the tiny culture.

At the junction of two roads, Noren Purty held the “marriage” of the children as a crowd of local and tribal people looked on in solidarity.

The family of the bride, in this case, a puppy, washes the guests’ feet as a show of gratitude during the wedding ceremony.

Tribal citizens allegedly marched across the road after the ceremony happened and petted the dog.

They took a Handia place, a form of rice beer, with them.6 Year Old Boy and Another Child Married To a Dog

The kid was then carried on a procession through the village, while people danced, Kaling TV says, to a popular song called Madal.

The groom’s side is supposed to give some money to the female side to carry out the engagement, despite the bride being a puppy.

This is known in some cultures as a dowry, which is the transition at the wedding of a daughter of parental property, presents, property or income.

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