How Morbius Will Be A Different Kind Of Superhero

How Morbius Will Be A Different Kind Of Superhero

Jared Leto says Morbius is trying to take a frightening approach to the genre with his forthcoming superhero film, but he says it’s still a huge, enjoyable popcorn movie.

Jared Leto says that Morbius, his forthcoming superhero film, will take a disturbing approach to the genre, but he says it’s still a huge, enjoyable popcorn movie.

After his role as the villain Joker in Suicide Squad, Leto’s first appearance as the protagonist in a superhero movie is reportedly scheduled to be released on March 19, 2021, after being postponed from its summer 2020 slot due to the coronavirus pandemic.

As the second film in what has been called the Sony Pictures World of Marvel Characters, Morbius follows Tom Hardy’s Poison.

Despite the release date being less than three months from now, there has been no recent news about Morbius, except tiny snippets being revealed by the cast.

Recently, Leto himself said that the film would mark the beginning of an expanding universe of Spider-Man movies, teasing the hero himself would finally appear alongside the rouge gallery of Sony movie villains.

Morbius will reveal the character’s origin story, called the living vampire. The ensemble would include Matt Smith, Tyrese Gibson, Jared Harris, and Michael Keaton in an appearance that will see him reprising the part of Spider-Man: Homecoming’s Vulture.

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In a recent podcast segment, Leto shared more about the movie to Variety, teasing that the film would take a different direction than other superhero movies. Leto says that, in addition to being “big and fun,” Morbius is also very frightening, looking ahead to the release of the movie, which he feels is a deviation from other movies in the genre.

The actor also teases that it’s a “Jekyll and Hyde” novel, from scientist to vampire, hinting at the transition his character goes through.

The words of Leto will give fans of comic books optimism that the source material won’t be too watered down.

The approach of the character is somewhat grim in the comics, and aspects that would intimidate viewers will need to be used in a movie adaptation.

Those frightening moments, ideally, are strong enough to make Morbius stand out from the crowd of superheroes. With an underwhelming teaser trailer that made the sound seem a bit too close to that of Poison, the early indications for this movie weren’t nice.

There’s also how the film can target larger viewers, relying as it does on a character that movie fans are not well aware of and starring Leto, who has not been seen as a significant leading man box office draw in the past.

Morbius, then, is up to it from the beginning. Nevertheless, if it can impress fans by delivering something different from the usual superhero fare, as Leto claims it does, when it publishes, it could well end up making good cash.

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