Herdsmen Attacked House of Sunday Igboho’s Mother

House of Sunday Igboho's Mother Was Attacked by Fulani Men Today

 Herdsmen Attacked House of Chief Sunday Igboho’s Mother today at a late hour

It was reported that around 7.45pm on Sunday , 3 Fulani men went to Sunday Igboho’s mother’s house to attack her.

Chief Sunday Igboho’s spokesman, Olayomi Koiki, CEO of Koiki Media, broke this news, in a video, uploaded on social media few minutes after the incident happened.

As reported, two of the men were able to escape but one was caught and has been handed over to the Nigerian police for further investigation.

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Picture of Culprit Caught out of the three Fulani men who invaded Chief Sunday Igboho mother’s house

While it is hoped that judicious scrutiny will be carried on, there is a mixed feelings among the public. While some people are asking why the culprit had to be handed over to the police, others are saying it was the right thing to do.

Watch the videohere

Recall that, few days back, two soldiers were caught spying on the popular Yoruba activist. They came to his house in Soka area and were caught with two other civilians looking like hoodlums.

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Sunday Igboho, on March 17th, declared the stance on South West relationship with country. This was three months after a 1999 constitutional force majeur was issued by Nigerian Indigenous Nationalities of the Southern and Middle Belt Territories of Nigeria to the Federal Government pointing out the supposed mistakes on the said constitution but the federal government never responded. An extension of 30 day have also been served and this will end on 17th April 2021.

The public is yet to witness what other steps will be taken after then


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