Halle Berry Inspired By Terrible Cat Woman Movie

Halle Berry Inspired By Terrible Cat Woman Movie

Halle Berry disclose that the poor experience she encounter while making the legendary 2004 Catwoman movie was what prompted her to become a movie director.

She set her mind to directing after the experience on the set of Catwoman.

The superhero film aimed on the adventures of Patience Phillips, aka Catwoman.

Sadly, Catwoman was universally condemned by critics, received seven Razzie Award nominations, and was called one of the worst movies ever made.

Presently it holds a 9% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Catwoman was also torn apart for its funny story line and its choice of character.

While producers had a wealth of reasonable material to choose from, especially considering Catwoman’s long history in DC Comics and tangled relationship with Batman’s rogues, the film instead saw Patience facing off against a cosmetics company.

The director saying he wanted to create an entirely new story line.

She also confess to not really considering the Catwoman comics as a foundation of the film when shooting the movie,

During an interview, Halle Berry says her experience with Catwoman was what prompt her to become a director.

At first, she took the starring role because she wanted a chance to represent a superhero as a woman of color; however, she quickly feel disappointed in her decision upon arriving on set, saying “the story didn’t feel quite right.

” Precisely, Berry portrays Patience’s entire plot with a cosmetics villain.

Even back then, she revealed that Catwoman should be able to face the kinds of threats that heroes such as Batman and Superman did on daily basis, but was met with negative response.

In the end, Berry says she was just an “actor for hire” and had “very little say” over the direction of the film.

To some extent, this constricting experience led Berry to want a more important seat at the table.

Ever since then, she’s find means to break into the world of directing as well, especially since it means having more say over a project.

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Not quite long, Berry both directed and starred in Bruised, an upcoming sports film about MMA fighter Jackie Justice.

She observes that sitting in the director’s chair has been an amazing experience, especially as she now feels like more than “a dancing bear.”

Instead, Berry now has “a part in the totality of every department,” which is exactly where she inspire to be.

It’s very glaring that this is the new beginning for Berry as an artist.

While Catwoman may have been a tragedy in every sense of the word, it helped bring Berry to where she desire to be today and it will be good to see what she have in stuck next.

Berry continues to act in blockbuster films, such as last year’s John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum, but it’s also good to see her continue to progress behind the camera and tell interesting stories that are important to her.

It’s very delightful to see Berry put the Catwoman experience behind her and look to grow as she takes on directing role.

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