German Instagram Influencer Josi Maria Dies At 24 After Battling Anorexia

German Instagram influencer Josi Maria dies at 24 after battling anorexia

, German Instagram Influencer Josi Maria Dies At 24 After Battling Anorexia, Relay Vibes

German Instagram influencer Josi Maria dies at 24 after battling anorexia. Josi Maria, an Instagram influencer known for sharing her life’s social media anorexia challenges, passed away at the age of 24.

Maria, from Kiel in northern Germany, gained more than 135 thousand followers after speaking up about her disorder in eating while sharing images of her daily life.

Sometimes, Maria posted posts educating people about anorexia and urging them to speak up about their own fights.

She told her Instagram followers just days before she died that she didn’t want to be someone who was dying of anorexia.

Reports state that she lately flew to Gran Canaria for a holiday, however her mother has now declared she gave up the ghost not long after the flight to Canaria.

After the couple struck up a relationship via the internet last year, Maria was said to be travelling with her friend Vanja Resova.

Maria had two coffees ahead of the flight, but had not eaten for two days, the magazine also said.

Maria is believed to have died of heart disease after suffering circulatory complications and ill health as a result of her anorexia, according to her mum.

Her mother posted on her last post on Instagram, dated 3 weeks ago, explaining that while on vacation, Maria fell asleep in her friend’s arms and never woke up.

She wrote:

We went shopping the day before holding you in my arms, dear Josi, and you look forward to Christmas and your break. You fall asleep happily the next night in the arms of your girlfriend in Gran Canaria. The little heart of yours has stopped beating.

“Maria’s mother described her as “an angel on Earth,” adding: “We admired you to the last for your fight against this serious disease and still had to watch helplessly as you lost this battle.

Remembering her final moments, Resova, her companion, said:

Josi asked if I could give her a quick hug and lay down for a moment with her. Then I did so in the expectation that something might be consumed by her. I quickly fell asleep after her.

I found she was no longer breathing when I woke up shortly after midnight. I was trying to wake her. I went down to reception to get support because it didn’t work out.

Resova posted an Instagram tribute to Maria, writing (translated):

Every day, she has inspired all of you to see the good in all and to remain strong.

As God wished, she is now with the angels upstairs, smiling down at us. It leaves a big gap.

We can never ignore your message: “It’s essential that you stand by yourself and say yes, I need help.” Embracing help is a sign of courage.

In harmony, may her soul rest


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