Georgia Man Got his Final Paycheck of $915 in Oil-Filled Coins With “F” word Note attached

Georgia Man Got his Final Paycheck of $915 in Oil-Filled Coins With "F" word Note attached

Georgia man got his final paycheck of $915 in an oil-filled coins With “F” word note attached

…and there it is,
Here comes a man from Fayetteville, Georgia, who received his final paycheck(actually overdue for payment) from a local auto shop, but instead, was sent in a pile of pennies and accompanied with a note that reads “f**k you” as an attachment.

Early this March, more than 90 thousand 1-cent coins, soaked in greasy oil were delivered to Andreas Flaten and dumped on his driveway.

Flaten’s girlfriend, Olivia Oxley, on March 13, took to her Instagram and stated in a post that the huge pile of change came in 4 months after Flaten had quitted his job at A OK Walker Autoworks, a Peachtree City establishment managed by one Miles Walker, last November.

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“Initially, he quitted the job tendered his resignation letter with a two-week notice period,” Oxley had written. “Miles Walker, later, started acting the asshole that he is and then made a normal workday a hell and unbearable” She went on to say Miles Walker started making unnecessary comments about her boyfriends daughter and just [being] an all around dick, turning 2 weeks into 5 days.

Oxley went on to explain that Walker refused to send Flaten’s final paycheck, he was laying claims on damages to his shop.

“Immediately he heard the word ‘lawyer’ come into the matter, this is what he did,” Oxley wrote.

In an interview with Flaten, who, according to him, had contacted Georgia Department of Labor for help on his paycheck. He referred the attitude of his ex boss’ as a “childish thing to do.”

Flaten said If he had gotten it correctly, the 91,515 1-cent coins should be weighing about — 2.5 grams each — about 228.8kg (504 pounds).

Flaten, at the moment, has kept the cents in a wheelbarrow with deflated wheels as a result of the weight of all that zinc and copper. He added now, he has to spend his evening time sitting in the garage to clean the coins.

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“I feel that actually will be so much stress for money that I have already earned,” he said.

OK Walker Autoworks who was contacted by HuffPost took time to respond to HuffPost’s request for comment.

Walker, the shop owner, actually did responded to other local media. He told FOX 5, standing on the ground, that he had settled Flaten in United State legal tender and would not wish to speak more on the matter.

“I do not know if this was done by me or not,” Walker had mentioned in a short interview with a local news media and when asked about the coins. “I don’t actually remember. It matters not; he got settled, that should be the main thing, calling Flaten a “fucking weenie” even to bring that up in the first place.”

Other ex staff of A OK Walker Autoworks who were interviewed by CBS46 affirmed that the shop is really toxic work environment, with Walker belittling female staff. The company has been hit with a tons of negative reviews on Yelp and Google recently as a result of the penny tale.


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