Gaming – Resident Evil: Village Comes May 7, PS5-Exclusive Demo Launches Today

Resident Evil: Village Comes May 7

Resident Evil: Village is launching to PC and consoles on May 7th. Publisher Capcom also disclosed that it’s releasing the survival-horror adventure for PS4 and Xbox One adding to PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.

This game has picked up the tale of Resident Evil VII, with players again taking on the character of Ethan Winters. This period, Winters is penetrating a castle to set his daughter free from a very tall lady with her daughters. This tall lady is also answerable to another woman whom is assumed must be even taller. huh!.

Preorder of Resident Evil: Village starts today.

Capcom also disclosed that a demo is launching to PS5 today. This can actually be downloaded now.

Resident Evil: Village, Gaming – Resident Evil: Village Comes May 7, PS5-Exclusive Demo Launches Today, Relay Vibes
Resident Evil Village “Maiden” Demo Available On PS5 Now

Lovers/Fans on other platforms will also get an opportunity to try out the game early — however, only after Sony players have their share with this side story first.

Capcom also revealed the first Resident Evil: Village gameplay, which almost totally carries over the mechanics from Resident Evil 7.

Along with Resident Evil: Village, Capcom is also releasing RE:Verse, a yet another move to turn Resident Evil into a lasting multiplayer experience. RE:Verse actually drops the photorealistic way of the series.

Instead, it has adopted a comic-book cel-shaded appearance. But it’s added as a bonus for whoever purchases Village.
This may actually make it just be as popular as Resident Evil: Resistance.

Also, Capcom is creating the 3D-animated Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness feature movie. It launches globally on Netflix later this year.

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