EU Regulator Okays AstraZeneca Vaccine For Use on Adults

EU Regulator Okays AstraZeneca Vaccine For Use on Adults

European Union has finally authorized AstraZeneca as the vaccine to be administered to adult.

This was disclosed on Friday after long deliberation as the bloc is not prepared to be too swift in deciding vaccines for the population despite the high rate of Covid-19 infection

AstraZeneca will make the third vaccine to be okayed after ones made by Pfizer and Modena. While there were still some criticisms, European Medicine Agency will steadfast on their option as there is no enough data to believe otherwise

Basically, people aged 18 and above are licensed to take the vaccine.

European Medical Agency had taken this decision by assessing a number of four trials in three different countries: Brazil, UK and South Africa. This research was proven to be more than 60% effective and number of sick people got reduced however, whether the trial can stop the disease from being transmitted is yet to be proven.

More details shortly…

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