EA Files Patent For Next-Gen Facial Animations And Behaviour Rendering Systems

EA Files Patent For Next-Gen Facial Animations And Behaviour Rendering Systems

Electronic Arts (EA) had lately filed a patent which shows the firm is exploring better facial expressions and behaviour rendering systems.

Electronic Arts(EA) is at the verge of exploring a tech that will boost facial animations and character rendering in its games.

This is proven by a patent filed earlier this December with the USPTO.

The last couple of years have shown EA-published titles in furtherance to emphasize realism, particularly in projects like the latest Battlefield entries and EA Sports-branded products showcased.

While it may not seem obvious, EA in many aspects has impacted immensely regarding the industry’s improvement in animations, physics, and rendering of characters.

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Infact, next generation hardware from Microsoft and Sony will allow the firm’s developers to go further in this regard. Example is the new effects in lighting and rendering of hair tech in FIFA 21 mostly shines on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. It’s obvious that EA tends to advance its technology in other areas as this generation continues.

This year, December 8 2020, EA had filed a patent with the USPTO for a “universal facial expression translation and character rendering system.” The technology would lead to facial animations and expressions being more real and natural when converted to 3D face models.

The best past is where facial shapes being “attributed to a facial shape indicator,” which “identifies a type of correction of facial features.

” The main aim is to gather countless facial shapes/expressions in a database and connect them to a certain character. From there, a character’s 3D face model could be achieved with features in accordance to their specific fascial shape indicators.

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This, in a way, suggests that EA’s patented technology may be simplified else there will be heavy procedure for animators.

Take an instance, in the new likely chapter of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Cal’s changing facial expressions to any specific incident in battle encounters would be saved in a database will allow for easy implementation.

Well, it is seemingly not a coincidence that this is actually coming up on the launch of a new console generation.

Now the question is, do you think the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One family of systems be able to withstand the requirements for data storage that EA’s animation advancements and character rendering will likely need?


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