Dr.Dre’s Father, Theodore Young Claims They Have a Strained Relationship

Dr.Dre's father

Dr.Dre's Father, Theodore YoungDr.Dre’s father, Theodore Young claims they have a strained relationship. It was a rough time for Dr. Dre after his bitter divorce from his 24-year-old estranged wife, Nicole Young, and a health scare.

Today, Theodore Young, his dad, has come out to say that he has a troubled Hip Hop relationship.

In an interview with Page Six, the 73-year-old claimed his son wants nothing to do with him.

Dre’s mother, Verna, who became pregnant with Dre at the age of 16, left Theodore soon after Dre was born on accusations of rape, which his father refuted.

His grandmother adopted the hip hop mogul and he continues to maintain his isolation from Theodore.

Young also reveals that he and Dre’s mum, Verna, separated soon after Dre was born and said during Dre’s childhood that he was not always a pillar of love and support.

Young said, before claiming that Dre’s mother and grandmother “sprinkled a whole lot of salt” on him, “His grandmother raised him.”

Dre’s eldest daughter, LaTanya Young, said last month that in 17 years she hadn’t heard from her father. LaTanya is one of three children fathered by Dre with his former partner, Lisa Johnson, 36-year-old Latoya and 35-year-old Ashley.

She blamed Nicole, the estranged wife of her father, of getting in the way of their relationship.

Money isn’t what I like,” she said, “I feel like doing it on my own. “All I really want is closure. I just want to be able to share my father’s time with me.

Since recovering from a suspected brain aneurysm, Dre was recently hospitalized at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, but has since returned home.

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