Dangerous Duo Taliban declare China their closest ally

Dangerous Duo Taliban declare China their closest ally

Dangerous Duo Taliban declare China their closest ally, Dangerous Duo Taliban declare China their closest ally, Relay VibesDangerous Duo Taliban declare China their closest ally

Officials from the Taliban have identified China to be their most important international partner.

The insurgents claim that Beijing is “ready to invest in and rebuild” Afghanistan, calling the country their “primary partner.”

The group’s spokesman, Zabihulla Mujahid, said that the Chinese will assist in the revival of Afghan copper mining. He also complimented China for its One Belt, One Road investment initiative, which has progressed despite opposition from Western countries.

China is one of the few countries that did not remove its diplomatic employees in Kabul following the Taliban’s takeover.

A Taliban team was reportedly reported to have visited China in July for discussions with Foreign Minister Wang Yi in Tianjin.

Mr. Mujahid told the Italian daily La Repubblica, “China is our primary partner, and it gives us with essential and wonderful potential since it is prepared to invest in and reconstruct our nation.”

“We value the One Belt, One Road initiative because it will contribute to the restoration of the ancient Silk Road.

“Aside from that, we have rich copper mines that may be revived and upgraded thanks to the Chinese.

“China is our passport to the rest of the world’s markets,” says the company.

Following Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab’s announcement that Britain will not “recognize the Taliban in the foreseeable future,” he made his statements.

However, he stated that “direct contact” with the organization was required to ensure that UK citizens and Afghan allies could depart Afghanistan.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson reinforced the message, saying that if the Taliban wanted to engage with the West, “safe passage for people who want to leave” should be their top priority.

After conversations with authorities in Qatar, Raab indicated that evacuation flights from Afghanistan might begin “in the near future.”

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