Court adjourns Naira Marley trial for 85 days

Court adjourns Naira Marley’s trial for 85 days

Court adjourns Naira Marley trial for 85 days, Court adjourns Naira Marley trial for 85 days, Relay VibesCourt adjourns Naira Marley trial for 85 days

The alleged internet fraud trial of Afeez Adeshina Fashola, commonly known as Naira Marley, was extended today by Justice Nicholas Oweibo of a Federal High Court in Lagos till October 5 (85 days).

Naira Marley is facing an 11-count indictment brought against him by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission for alleged money laundering and internet fraud (EFCC). On May 20, 2019, he was arraigned, pled not guilty, and was released on bond.

The EFCC claimed that several of the credit cards found at Marley’s home contained the bogus names Nicole Louise Malyon and Timea Fedorne Tatar, among other things. The materials were allegedly used in internet scams, according to the anti-graft organization. The offenses, according to the commission, were in violation of the Money Laundering (Prohibition) and Cyber Crimes Acts.

The prosecution has called two witnesses, Nuru Buhari Dalhatu and Augustine Anosike, both EFCC forensic experts, since the start of his trial.

At today’s resumption of proceedings, the EFCC’s attorney, Bilkisu Buhari, informed the judge that the second prosecution witness, Anosike, would be cross-examined. She requested that the court ask the witness to continue the hearing.

However, defense attorney Akinwale Kola-Taiwo asked the court for a quick date to resume the trial, claiming that “the subject is for mention today and not for continuation as indicated by the prosecution.”

Justice Oweibo granted his request and delayed the case till October 5, 6, and 7 to continue the trial. The lengthy adjournment is due to the court’s annual vacation, which runs from July 26 to September 17. (53 days).

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