Some Soldiers and Other Civilians Caught Spying on Sunday Igboho

House of Sunday Igboho's Mother Was Attacked by Fulani Men Today

Some soldiers and others who are civilians were caught on Friday spying on the Yoruba activist, Chief Sunday Adeyemo, also known as Sunday Igboho.

The spies were noticed and caught at about 1pm loitering round the street and making calls to give update on the movement around Chief Sunday Igboho’s house. two civilians, looking like hoodlums and Two soldiers were caught, according to Koiki Media, others with arms managed to escape.

Spying on Sunday Igboho, Some Soldiers and Other Civilians Caught Spying on Sunday Igboho, Relay Vibes

In a video recorded and uploaded on social media by Olayomi Koiki, CEO of Koiki Media, one of the soldiers who said he wanted to board a bike at Soka( area Chief Sunday Igboho lives) was actually on duty in another location at that same period. Others were giving flimsy excuses.

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Chief Sunday Igboho, later decided that they are handed over to the police for the law to take it up from there.

Watch the video here

Recall, that few days after Chief Sunday gave an eviction notice to the Fulani in Ibarapa area and later ensured their eviction was effective, his house was burnt.

Also, few weeks later which was some weeks back, group of security operatives ambushed the Yoruba activist and got him attacked but their mission was unsuccessful as people unexpectedly trooped out to resist their arrest.

Chief Sunday was on his way to meet the head of Afenifere in Lagos, Pa Ayo Adbanjo and and the Aare Ona Kankafo, Iba Gani Adams for a meeting.

Also on 17th March, after notice of force majeur on the current 1999 constitution has been issued and expired, Sunday Igboho declared the South West as a nation on her own, encouraged farmers to start going to farms with Yoruba security protection while he promised to go to the border and ensure its open for importation of food and other commodites. However, another 30-day ultimatum has been given to the FG to effect the provision on the force majeur notice before further steps will be taken

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