Child Earned his First Payslip for Being Inquisitive

Child Earned his First Payslip for Being Inquisitive

Child earned his first payslip for job well done- being inquisitive amidst other qualities

While a lot of people might get angry, worried and frustrated when children keeping following them everywhere and asking a lot of questions(being inquisitive) as they tried to get their job done, this is not Seytons Electrical.

Instead of being frustrated by a kid who wouldn’t give him a breathing space during his recent job, the UK firm decided to compliment the kid’s effort by paying the inquisitive young lad for his time.

“Really possibly the loveliest act of showing kindness I’ve ever encountered,” she wrote with the payslip, analyzing young Theo’s £15 wage into four competent areas. Theo was said to have measured items, engaged in catering (yummy cookies), counted and added up number of sockets, and also asking lots of questions.

Child Earned his First Payslip, Child Earned his First Payslip for Being Inquisitive, Relay Vibes

Ms Anderson had mentioned how she had joked that the electricians would not miss her disturbing son when they completed the job, only to surprising receive their unexpected act of kindness.

“One of them had called in today to quickly finish something and had surprised Theo with this!!! His first ever job,” she said.

“Thank you Seytons Electrical!!! You have made Theo’s day!!”

The note and the company have caught attentions over the web and people really overwhelmed and showering praises all over the world since this story was shared on social media.

“Awwww this has really brought back my faith in human kind. so so lovely,” somebody wrote.

“I love how they actually made payment mostly for quality assurance. Really a great way to teach a kid that it’s good quality to have by asking questions and being curious,” said another.

While all comments were positive, someone did pointed out something, a sad truth, in the real world, young Theo is yet to discover the fact about one of life’s obligation.

“What a shame young Theo’ll be left with £3.45 earnings after tax,” they laughed it off.


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