Child Abuse : Child Chained With Animals For Two Years By Stepmothers

Every parent wants the best for their kids even when their are financial constraints. Parents tend to care and love their children unconditionally. However, that is not same with some parents. One cannot imagine the highest level child abuse that some kids go through.

This is not the case with Master Jibril Aliyu, an 11 year old boy, whom his mother passed away 2 years ago was allegedly chained in animals stall by his two stepmothers for 2 years. He was being denied food, clothing, shelter, not to even talk of health care, bath, Mr. Manir Jega,  en eye witness narrated on twitter .


This maltreatment was so serious that at a point that he wasn’t behaving like a real human anymore as he was feeding on remnants of animal feeds and was even eating his faeces when it all got worse. Now he behave exactly like an animal, crawling and picking crumbs to eat.

One might want to ask, what about the father? Well, it is so surprising that the father was also living in that same house this inhumane and savagery treatment was happening.

Jibril is, now, has been rescued and undergoing treatment and rehabilitation at the nearby Medical Center.

, Child Abuse : Child Chained With Animals For Two Years By Stepmothers, Relay Vibes

You might want to ask about the two evil. yes, both with the father are currently in police custody and hope justice will take its course. This incident happened in the Kebbi State, North-western part of Nigeria.

A lot of questions will definitely spring up, how the father may unaware. Well, in that part of the country, families are usually large with a man getting married to many wives and as a result, have many children, some having more than 16. Due to the socio-economic situation of the country, many of these children are push out to be begging for alms, a phenomenon called “Almajiri”. However, this is never an excuse to neglect and forget your child, and never ask about his/her welfare. This is just a total wickedness and it is hoped that culprits will be charged to face the law.

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